Episode 15: Vrooooommm!!! Pew! Pew! Pew!

Hello once more our loyal and beloved fans!

It’s been another couple of weeks so it’s now time for another round of rolling ones and talking about games. Today we return to the hammer of space instead of to the iron kingdoms, due to the previous topic still being in our intensive R and D department(the monkeys with wrenches seem to be slowing down due to the intense Utahan heat).


So let’s hop in our various flying planes and zoom into the sky.

News and Rumours:  We finally catch up with several games, and there is a lot to go over, as GW finecasts entire ranges, we learn where Malifuax hides it’s updates, and Privateer Press insists on releasing new models, including a rather nice looking starter set.


Fortnights in the Hobby: We were industrious for once! Contained within this section is games and painting with some reading.

Main Topic: We talk flyers, aware that with the edition shift swiftly coming some of this is less relevant. Still we talk the historical trend, and begin to talk about what we think this means for the game. We cover our personal feelings about how these behemoths of steel and speed have been developing, including some rather bitter opinions and statements. We start from the Valkyrie and end with the latest  ones just released in White Dwarf. We end with talking about what we think this means for sixth edition.

Outro & Closing: Well it’s been a longer show, and we look forward to bringing you more content in the future.


Remember: iTunes reviews and emails to rollaone@gmail.com are always appreciated.

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