Episode 13: The dread of an edition change.

It’s a special episode this time rollaone fans.  Normally we try not to talk heavily about rumours, as they are just that, rumours.


Today however we’re talking about 6th edition, and no it isn’t out yet. Instead we’re talking about our expectations, wishes, and fears. This is a topic we do not agree on, so warning it get’s argumentative. With that said we move on to your normal show description.


News and Rumours:

Empire came out, and some 6th ed stuff but that’s the main topic.


Weeks in the Hobby:

As has been our won’t of late it’s mostly college work, not the fun stuff we love talking about.


Main Topic:

What does 6th edition mean to you? This is the question the rollaone crew are trying to answer today. Unfortunately we don’t all get along, with Stepfan dreading a shooting army increase and wanting them to get nerfed and Evan dreading a shooting army nerf. In addition we talk about the supposed 6th edition leak. This is a volatile topic, and we hope it is interesting.


Outro and Closing:

Just your normal stuff here.


We’ll be back on the 13th, with finals week approaching we have decided to try to preserve our quality and go on a small hiatus to keep it coming strong. We have noticed a dip in quality over the last two episodes, and this is mostly due to burnout. We hope to return better then ever with a return to serious discussion.


Thank your for your understanding.

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