Episode 7: Blowin with de Winds part 1

It’s time to talk about the winds of magic! Sadly as we got into it we realized that there was no way we would cover all eight winds in one go so we decided it’s the first four this go!

News and Rumours: Hordes, Games Workshop’s latest, and everything we could think up!

Weeks in the Hobby: Well everyone played lots of games and Evan even managed to paint in this season of finals!

Main Topic: It’s the first four winds in the Big Red Book! Fire, Beasts, Metal and Light and we’re talking about how we like to use them. Big information on a huge part of them game.

And soon we will return, alas due to the demands of the holidays we’re on break till January-ish, so just hold on to your dice, because when we come back everybody gonna be rollin ones!