Episode 11: Wait? How many of you are there?

Greetings gentle listeners(but not you violent ones). It is time for another attempt at failure and wargaming! And yes, it’s another 40K episode, trust us, we’ll do another game soon, this is just the game we’ve been playing most lately.

Also new microphone, so hopefully we sound even better now! If we sounded good before… cool, let’s hope this is an improvement.


First off it’s News and Rumors and it’s a definite improvement this time.

– Space Wolves and Tyranids of all kinds, oh my!

– Privateer Press continues flooding out new product yummy.

– New Empire coming, hmmmm yay or nay?


Fortnights in the Hobby:

– Evan built piles of ratemen, and read some more fluff.

– Eric played a game with High Elves.

– Stepfan unleashed the wood elves, after building quite a bit more.

There also may be a small discussion on fluff in there. Just for fun.


Main Topic: The Hordes of 40K

This week it’s time to whip out the Tyranids, Orks and Imperial Guard.

For the armies that can be more elite then horde, we stayed focused to the horde side of the equation.  We discussed how each army works, their typical way of crushing all foes under piles of bodies/ammunition. Then tried to give some tactical tips about how to halt the tide, and scatter them to the winds.

That’s all this time folks!  Tune in next time when we talk about a game that isn’t 40K.