Episode 14: Flippity Flippin Flippers

Welcome back everyone to the wonder that is rollaone!

We’re excited to be back once again, and to celebrate we’re going to talk about a new game we’ve been picking up lately, Malifaux, the gothic victorian horror(not whore) game where you use cards instead of dice. It’s a whole lot of fun, and we got really into it both while testing and talking about it and we hope you get as excited as we did! Just remember to cheat fate, or forfeit your soul.

News and Rumours:

We try to go over a month worht of materiel in as short a time as possilbe, new ‘crons, new space marines, the doom of ex illis, and more await you here.

Fortnight(s) in the Hobby:

Alas there isn’t as much here as there should be for such a gap! Some painting, a pile of new models for Evan, and Eric gives Black Library book reccomendations.

Main Topic:

We start getting into the twisted world of Malifaux, an alternate universe skirmish miniature wargame produced by Wyrd Miniatures[http://wyrd-games.net/].  We cover the start of the fascinatingly dark aesthetic and story, the beginning of the rules, and our current feelings on the game. We get really into why people should try this game and overall I think the crew would give it A-, and that’s just after starting it with only a few crews. Link is above, feel free to check it out!

Outro and Closing:

Well it’s time to say goodbye for now, but for those who actually read the blog post/show notes you get a secret surprise. In the next episode of rollaone we return to the Iron Kingdoms of Privateer Press and compare the slow factions of each game, Skorne from Hordes, and Khador from Warmachine.

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