Episode 12: All of the BEARDS!

All right everybody, it’s time to roll ones! This is an Eric-tastic episode which should make a difference to our normal line up.


News & Rumours:

Empire Rumours, they be coming.

Siege Animatrix, it looks cool.


Weeks in the Hobby:

3000pt game for Stepfan and that’s about all.


Dwarf Army talk:

A review of the nasty filthy disgusting (the blog post writer is biased), bearded things from beneath the ground. How they work, a discussion on their beardliness, and a comparison between Dwarven and Empire artillery. Also discussed is how to beat the dirty monsters.


Pretty much as standard.


We look forward to seeing y’all again soon! And hey if you like us decently we can always use more iTunes reviews/fan mail.

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