Episode 15: Vrooooommm!!! Pew! Pew! Pew!

Hello once more our loyal and beloved fans!

It’s been another couple of weeks so it’s now time for another round of rolling ones and talking about games. Today we return to the hammer of space instead of to the iron kingdoms, due to the previous topic still being in our intensive R and D department(the monkeys with wrenches seem to be slowing down due to the intense Utahan heat).


So let’s hop in our various flying planes and zoom into the sky.

News and Rumours:  We finally catch up with several games, and there is a lot to go over, as GW finecasts entire ranges, we learn where Malifuax hides it’s updates, and Privateer Press insists on releasing new models, including a rather nice looking starter set.


Fortnights in the Hobby: We were industrious for once! Contained within this section is games and painting with some reading.

Main Topic: We talk flyers, aware that with the edition shift swiftly coming some of this is less relevant. Still we talk the historical trend, and begin to talk about what we think this means for the game. We cover our personal feelings about how these behemoths of steel and speed have been developing, including some rather bitter opinions and statements. We start from the Valkyrie and end with the latest  ones just released in White Dwarf. We end with talking about what we think this means for sixth edition.

Outro & Closing: Well it’s been a longer show, and we look forward to bringing you more content in the future.


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Episode 14: Flippity Flippin Flippers

Welcome back everyone to the wonder that is rollaone!

We’re excited to be back once again, and to celebrate we’re going to talk about a new game we’ve been picking up lately, Malifaux, the gothic victorian horror(not whore) game where you use cards instead of dice. It’s a whole lot of fun, and we got really into it both while testing and talking about it and we hope you get as excited as we did! Just remember to cheat fate, or forfeit your soul.

News and Rumours:

We try to go over a month worht of materiel in as short a time as possilbe, new ‘crons, new space marines, the doom of ex illis, and more await you here.

Fortnight(s) in the Hobby:

Alas there isn’t as much here as there should be for such a gap! Some painting, a pile of new models for Evan, and Eric gives Black Library book reccomendations.

Main Topic:

We start getting into the twisted world of Malifaux, an alternate universe skirmish miniature wargame produced by Wyrd Miniatures[http://wyrd-games.net/].  We cover the start of the fascinatingly dark aesthetic and story, the beginning of the rules, and our current feelings on the game. We get really into why people should try this game and overall I think the crew would give it A-, and that’s just after starting it with only a few crews. Link is above, feel free to check it out!

Outro and Closing:

Well it’s time to say goodbye for now, but for those who actually read the blog post/show notes you get a secret surprise. In the next episode of rollaone we return to the Iron Kingdoms of Privateer Press and compare the slow factions of each game, Skorne from Hordes, and Khador from Warmachine.

Episode 13: The dread of an edition change.

It’s a special episode this time rollaone fans.  Normally we try not to talk heavily about rumours, as they are just that, rumours.


Today however we’re talking about 6th edition, and no it isn’t out yet. Instead we’re talking about our expectations, wishes, and fears. This is a topic we do not agree on, so warning it get’s argumentative. With that said we move on to your normal show description.


News and Rumours:

Empire came out, and some 6th ed stuff but that’s the main topic.


Weeks in the Hobby:

As has been our won’t of late it’s mostly college work, not the fun stuff we love talking about.


Main Topic:

What does 6th edition mean to you? This is the question the rollaone crew are trying to answer today. Unfortunately we don’t all get along, with Stepfan dreading a shooting army increase and wanting them to get nerfed and Evan dreading a shooting army nerf. In addition we talk about the supposed 6th edition leak. This is a volatile topic, and we hope it is interesting.


Outro and Closing:

Just your normal stuff here.


We’ll be back on the 13th, with finals week approaching we have decided to try to preserve our quality and go on a small hiatus to keep it coming strong. We have noticed a dip in quality over the last two episodes, and this is mostly due to burnout. We hope to return better then ever with a return to serious discussion.


Thank your for your understanding.

Episode 12: All of the BEARDS!

All right everybody, it’s time to roll ones! This is an Eric-tastic episode which should make a difference to our normal line up.


News & Rumours:

Empire Rumours, they be coming.

Siege Animatrix, it looks cool.


Weeks in the Hobby:

3000pt game for Stepfan and that’s about all.


Dwarf Army talk:

A review of the nasty filthy disgusting (the blog post writer is biased), bearded things from beneath the ground. How they work, a discussion on their beardliness, and a comparison between Dwarven and Empire artillery. Also discussed is how to beat the dirty monsters.


Pretty much as standard.


We look forward to seeing y’all again soon! And hey if you like us decently we can always use more iTunes reviews/fan mail.

Episode 11: Wait? How many of you are there?

Greetings gentle listeners(but not you violent ones). It is time for another attempt at failure and wargaming! And yes, it’s another 40K episode, trust us, we’ll do another game soon, this is just the game we’ve been playing most lately.

Also new microphone, so hopefully we sound even better now! If we sounded good before… cool, let’s hope this is an improvement.


First off it’s News and Rumors and it’s a definite improvement this time.

– Space Wolves and Tyranids of all kinds, oh my!

– Privateer Press continues flooding out new product yummy.

– New Empire coming, hmmmm yay or nay?


Fortnights in the Hobby:

– Evan built piles of ratemen, and read some more fluff.

– Eric played a game with High Elves.

– Stepfan unleashed the wood elves, after building quite a bit more.

There also may be a small discussion on fluff in there. Just for fun.


Main Topic: The Hordes of 40K

This week it’s time to whip out the Tyranids, Orks and Imperial Guard.

For the armies that can be more elite then horde, we stayed focused to the horde side of the equation.  We discussed how each army works, their typical way of crushing all foes under piles of bodies/ammunition. Then tried to give some tactical tips about how to halt the tide, and scatter them to the winds.

That’s all this time folks!  Tune in next time when we talk about a game that isn’t 40K.

Episode 10: …and they shall be my squishy

Another fortnight another episode.  Alas the quality takes a dive towards the end, but we got through the main topic with only standard levels of awful.

News and Rumours: Slow fortnight is slow, we didn’t talk about much I’m afraid.

Fortnight in the Hobbies: Schoolwork is a hobby right? Because that’s mostly what happened. Lots of that, little of everything else.

Main Topic: This time we run a cross race comparison in 40K between the two fast and ultra squishy armies of the Eldar. We have the lies and illusions of the Craftworld Eldar versus the raw speedy murderous aggression of the Dark Eldar. What the hell is the difference between these two fast moving squishy armies? And what can you do to murder them at will? Other then blow loudly of course?

Outro: And now our audio goes to shit, for which we are sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry and sorry. We will get to work on it. It looks like our microphone blew up, and hopefully we’ll resolve this somehow. For now though, that’s all folks(also sorry sorry sorry and sorry)

And remember, we live for iTunes reviews and your feedback.


We’re back, slightly slower then we should be, but technical difficulties and school serve only to delay us, never stop us! Muahahahahaha! 😉 Still working on getting a nicer microphone we promise. We actually have one it just refuses to work.


Show notes-

News and Rumours:

Lord of the Rings got some stuff… yay?

Warmachine Colossal’s announced(how big are they? Pretty big)

A discussion of why we don’t heavily go into rumours, especially 40K 6th edition.

Fortnight’s in the Hobby:

We played some Mordheim, and had some painting. Always a hard section to summarize, sorry guys.

Evan read fluff!!!!!!!!

Main Topic: Warmachine/Hordes(Warmahordes); An Overview

The World and Factions of Warmachine and Hordes

How to get started into the game

Discussion of further possible topics on the game

Conclusion and Outro


Thanks for listening, and remember we love hearing from people and adore iTunes reviews the most!

Rollin With De Winds Part 2

And we’re finally back, we know you missed us!


First off it’s a fairly long duration in the hobby. We try to go fast, but you know how it is when you go on break. Lots of stuff here people.


News and Rumours stays focused on the more recent stuff, but it’s bigger then our normal section there.


Main Topic it’s the main topic and it’s time for us to finish what we started and finish the last four lores, The Lore of Throne of Vines, The Lore of Comet, The Lore of Mindrazor, and The Lore of Purple Sun, also called Life, Heavens, Shadow and Death, but you know only by new players.

Then we end the show and it looks like there is no script reading anymore. We decided it wasn’t funny anymore.


Well, that’s the episode, remember to always have fun(and leave itunes reviews we love those).

Episode 7: Blowin with de Winds part 1

It’s time to talk about the winds of magic! Sadly as we got into it we realized that there was no way we would cover all eight winds in one go so we decided it’s the first four this go!

News and Rumours: Hordes, Games Workshop’s latest, and everything we could think up!

Weeks in the Hobby: Well everyone played lots of games and Evan even managed to paint in this season of finals!

Main Topic: It’s the first four winds in the Big Red Book! Fire, Beasts, Metal and Light and we’re talking about how we like to use them. Big information on a huge part of them game.

And soon we will return, alas due to the demands of the holidays we’re on break till January-ish, so just hold on to your dice, because when we come back everybody gonna be rollin ones!

Episode 6: Tomb Kings In Space rolls ones to…

It’s rollaone time boys and girls, and this fortnight we talked about Crons!

First of it’s our fabeled news and rumours section with some juicy goodness!

Then it’s weeks in the hobby, where we talk about games of all sorts, and plenty of Hordes!

And last but not least, a review in the same style as the grey knights where we cover the new Necrons and all of our opinions.