Episode 6: Tomb Kings In Space rolls ones to…

It’s rollaone time boys and girls, and this fortnight we talked about Crons!

First of it’s our fabeled news and rumours section with some juicy goodness!

Then it’s weeks in the hobby, where we talk about games of all sorts, and plenty of Hordes!

And last but not least, a review in the same style as the grey knights where we cover the new Necrons and all of our opinions.

Episode 5: Skirmish games, tea, and bad British accents

Welcome boys and girls to an exciting episode of rollaone! Today your hosts Evan Cummings, Stepfan Huntsman, Eric Warfield cover the skirmish games Infinity and Mordheim. This is one of our longer shows, to cover all the skirmish game.

First off it’s our famous News and Rumours section which includes news about the podcast. Mostly that it’s going to fortnightly(one every two weeks for our fellow americans.) Then we rant about crons for a bit.

Then we go over our weeks in our various hobbies, however due to our immense stupidity we each adopted a bad British accent to do so in. We hope you manage to get a laugh out of it.

Then it’s the main topic, where we cover our impressions and experiences with Infinty from Corvus Belli and Mordheim from Games Workshop. There is a lot to cover, but we manage well enough.

Finally it’s the outro and script reading.


Join us next time for Necron talk.