Episode 5: Skirmish games, tea, and bad British accents

Welcome boys and girls to an exciting episode of rollaone! Today your hosts Evan Cummings, Stepfan Huntsman, Eric Warfield cover the skirmish games Infinity and Mordheim. This is one of our longer shows, to cover all the skirmish game.

First off it’s our famous News and Rumours section which includes news about the podcast. Mostly that it’s going to fortnightly(one every two weeks for our fellow americans.) Then we rant about crons for a bit.

Then we go over our weeks in our various hobbies, however due to our immense stupidity we each adopted a bad British accent to do so in. We hope you manage to get a laugh out of it.

Then it’s the main topic, where we cover our impressions and experiences with Infinty from Corvus Belli and Mordheim from Games Workshop. There is a lot to cover, but we manage well enough.

Finally it’s the outro and script reading.


Join us next time for Necron talk.

Episode Four: George Takei/Amanda F Palmer, slash fic of random!

Well we had a main topic, but it vanished shortly after conception. Still it’s a fun listen and we do indeed manage to talk hobby!

In this exciting installment:

News and Rumour-Necrons(retroactively a bit silly), Malifaux, New Merc Warjacks

Weeks in the Hobby- Mostly college, very little here.

Some stuff- Main topic was supposed to be learning to master an army, but it became one weird thing after another. Still it did cover some stuff and discuss a future topic. Sorry, we all just needed to unwind.


Oh and my twitter is @StepfanH.


Episode Three: Grey Knightastic

In this review we visit a listener request and new internet sensation of Grey Knights. It was an interesting topic as none of us play Grey Knights. Still it did end up being a decent review. This review is still with the old headset, we promise we’re working on quality.

News and Rumours: Necrons, Games Day, and Hordes:Domination

Weeks in the Hobby: Lots of painting, a few games, and a bit of fluff.

Main Topic: Grey Knights, playing as them and how to beat them up.

And that’s all for this week folks, join us next week when we have yet another topic!

Episode Two time!

Will be released soon, but just for all of y’all that read the blog, I’m here to announce/talk about it. It’s our first full length episode, and we cover our first topic, hopefully you will like it.

This Episode:


Weeks in the Hobby

A Battlefoam Bag Review by Evan

Main Topic: Getting into a new game!

Join us next week when we talk about the new internet 40K hotness, Grey Knights..

Edit: A quick apology, we are experiencing some technical difficulties, but the second episode will be up soon.

Hello out there!

Welcome to the blog for the Roll A One podcast. We are just pleased as punch you’re reading this, but alas there is nothing to tell. You can find our podcast on itunes and at rollaone.podbean.com shortly or contact us at rollaone@gmail.com. There will be stuff coming on this blog, a self-description of the hosts in turn, updates on what each episode entails and some of us rambling about things we felt might be to long in podcast form, or clarifying with more detail some elements of the podcast.

Roll A One is a multi-game podcast dedicated to miniature wargaming for the most part and covering it. Basically it’s an ode to our love of the hobby and where is has expanded to lately(so videogaming and songs, all that fun stuff).

So in episode one(which is only about thirty minutes):

We introduced ourselves

Covered the latest in our hobbies

Talked about some news and rumours

And talked about what we wanted to do with the show.

So go on and take a listen.