Episode 10: …and they shall be my squishy

Another fortnight another episode.  Alas the quality takes a dive towards the end, but we got through the main topic with only standard levels of awful.

News and Rumours: Slow fortnight is slow, we didn’t talk about much I’m afraid.

Fortnight in the Hobbies: Schoolwork is a hobby right? Because that’s mostly what happened. Lots of that, little of everything else.

Main Topic: This time we run a cross race comparison in 40K between the two fast and ultra squishy armies of the Eldar. We have the lies and illusions of the Craftworld Eldar versus the raw speedy murderous aggression of the Dark Eldar. What the hell is the difference between these two fast moving squishy armies? And what can you do to murder them at will? Other then blow loudly of course?

Outro: And now our audio goes to shit, for which we are sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry and sorry. We will get to work on it. It looks like our microphone blew up, and hopefully we’ll resolve this somehow. For now though, that’s all folks(also sorry sorry sorry and sorry)

And remember, we live for iTunes reviews and your feedback.

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