Rollin With De Winds Part 2

And we’re finally back, we know you missed us!


First off it’s a fairly long duration in the hobby. We try to go fast, but you know how it is when you go on break. Lots of stuff here people.


News and Rumours stays focused on the more recent stuff, but it’s bigger then our normal section there.


Main Topic it’s the main topic and it’s time for us to finish what we started and finish the last four lores, The Lore of Throne of Vines, The Lore of Comet, The Lore of Mindrazor, and The Lore of Purple Sun, also called Life, Heavens, Shadow and Death, but you know only by new players.

Then we end the show and it looks like there is no script reading anymore. We decided it wasn’t funny anymore.


Well, that’s the episode, remember to always have fun(and leave itunes reviews we love those).

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